If you were confused, you are not alone.

The 501 C 3 nonprofit organization (NPO) previously identified as Divide Camp, Inc. was founded in 2012.  This NPO corporation used the property, also known as Divide Camp, as the venue for treating and healing post 9-11 combat wounded veterans with high doses of nature. The program was designed with a suicide prevention and trauma recovery mission. The physical property location has been known as Divide Camp for over 50 years. The camp is located on the divide between the Big Sheep Creek and Little Sheep Creek drainages in eastern Wallowa County, Oregon. The NPO provided funding to cover all the expenses of bringing the veterans to the camp where during the past 10 years over 300 veterans have been guests.  Many participated in back packing trips into the Eagle Cap Wilderness, some experienced the awe and power of nature while rafting the Salmon, the Snake or the Grand Ronde Rivers. Each year a number of veterans hunted elk or deer. Some for the first time – and several brought their teenaged child to share the experience.  Educational events included fly tying and fishing classes, exercise physiology training, writing for trauma sessions, 3-D archery shooting. Therapy at the camp was provided by peer support at the “fire pit” or the “front porch”.

Due to the retirement of Julie, the founder/director of the DC inc NPO, and the dreams of Mo, a newly retired Navy Chaplain, the organization has completed a “restatement of articles of incorporation”. This action was recommended by the corporations’ nonprofit attorney – because it allows a nonprofit in good standing to transition into a different organization with similar mission, a new executive director and all new board of directors while retaining the same tax id # and business history.

The corporation known as Divide Camp, Inc. has completed the transition to an organization called Cross the Divide.  That change was effective January 1, 2022.  In addition to the transfer of the IRS nonprofit status – Cross the Divide inherited the assets purchased by Divide Camp, Inc with grants and donations.  This includes the log cabin building at 603 N Main Street in Joseph – formerly known as the Divide Camp Headquarters.  It now serves to house veterans who come to Wallowa County to participate in Cross the Divide activities – primarily hunting and fishing and is also being used as an AirBnB nightly rental.  CtD also inherited side x sides, a flatbed trailer, an action track chair, hunting rifles, a chevy suburban, back packing gear and more.

Here's where the confusion occurs. Cross the Divide (CtD) is NOT using the property known as Divide Camp – the physical camp located on the Sheep Creek divide, as was originally assumed.  They are currently conducting back packing adventures on the Olympic National Forest in WA – while hunting and fishing activities in Wallowa County will house veterans at the building in Joseph.

The Divide Camp property has NOT been sold – not to CtD, and not to any other organization. Currently being explored is a plan to continue to utilize the property for the purpose of healing trauma with nature - and instead of serving specifically post 9-11 combat wounded veterans – it would be serving wildland firefighters and members of emergency services organizations: law enforcement, structure firefighters and EMS. Many of whom are military veterans. This work may be achieved through the highly successful nonprofit Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WWF) headquartered in Boise, ID. For more information on the mission and history of this amazing NPO – visit their website at

This year, 2022, the camp is being utilized by past veteran guests to bring their families and enjoy a camping experience, while seeing where their loved one has gone when they spend time recovering war wounds.  In addition – DC volunteers have been invited to utilize the property for personal retreat, unplug and reboot time.

For more information about the camp on the divide and its’ future – contact past director of Divide Camp, Inc, Julie Wheeler at or 541-531-9939.

For more information about Cross the Divide and its’ future – contact director Emile “Mo” Moured at or visit their website at