“Camp has had such an amazing impact on my life, and truly probably saved it. The staff have huge hearts, open ears and always kind but honest advice, something I still cherish and call upon to this day. After leaving Divide Camp I knew I had to be a part of this. If I could no longer serve WITH my brothers, then I would do what I could to serve them. Not long after my stay I was invited to serve on the Board of Directors. I have attended camp over the past two years and will be there again as soon as the weather allows. I don’t go to camp as a Board Member, I still go as a veteran who needs help and that is what Divide Camp is all about. There isn’t a pill or doctor in this world that can give a veteran what they can find in the woods, on the water or with the people at camp. It is honestly hard to put into words, but if I had to try and explain what it does, not only for me but for other veterans I have seen and met at camp, it gives you hope, and restores life and happiness in the dark spots of our souls and minds created from the terrors of combat and loss.”
  –Sgt. Tyler Andreatta, USMC retired

“I gave up hope that I would ever see Tyler’s true smile again… the one that delighted those around him. After Divide Camp he had that grin I remembered!!! It still comes and goes but I see the real “him” when I look in his eyes. After his stay at Divide Camp he was open and eager to share his thoughts, fears, dreams, and plans to create meaning and purpose in his life and to help other vets. This again… all thanks to DC and the blessings they provide. After DC, I saw for the first time since his return that he began acknowledging his moods and working through them without feeling horrible about himself. Thank you Lord for Divide Camp and all the volunteers… prayers are being answered through this healing retreat!!!”
   –Sheila Andreatta (Tyler's mom)

My dad and I went to Divide Camp last summer following an amazing float trip on the Salmon River provided by DC. When we arrived, I immediately felt like I was at home! One would be hard pressed to find a place that could beat the peacefulness and serenity around that place! I'm an outdoor enthusiast, whether its fishing, hunting, or just going on a hike, I'm all about it. At Divide Camp you can experience nature and be comfortable at the same time! For a veteran that suffers from moderate to severe anxiety, it was a complete relief for me! Sitting around the fire talking with others, just gazing at the stars, not hearing anything besides the popping of the fire, allows you to really just relax and let the stress of life slip away. The feel you get when you're there is like none other for me, It's a feeling of relaxation and healing. It means a lot to me to know that all the effort, donations, volunteer work, and the commitment that all members of the Divide family put in, is for veterans like me! If I had to sum up Divide Camp in to one word, the word would be “Home”.
   –Sgt. Thomas A. Walton, USMC Retired

So let me tell you how coming to camp has changed me. I received a call from Julie asking if I wanted to come to camp and just hang out. There was going to be a luncheon that she wanted me to attend to talk to land owners to try and get elk tags for next year. I was excited to just get out of the house as I had not ventured out to far by myself. So after a long drive I get to camp and they are working on many projects around the property. I was immediately teamed up with Jim Webber to put the roof on the new pavilion. It made me realize that I still have value as a person and not just a couch potato. To say I left that beautiful place recharged is a understatement. I have started working hard to spread the word about divide camp and to reach out to fellow wounded warriors. I feel like I have found my calling in helping fellow vets that have sacrificed like myself. I feel like I have purpose. I want to thank everyone involved in making divide camp happen. I also want you all to know that this camp will most likely save lives of some of the vets that feel they have no hope. Divide Camp gives hope to the hopeless. The beauty of the land and all the nature around will take the stress of going to counseling appointments and doctor’s appointments away while you are there. It is an amazing thing. If you are hesitating on filling out an application don't. Get in with this group of loving people that appreciate your sacrifice.
   –Corey Watson, Army/USMC retired