“Camp leaves a very strong impression on the heart and mind! If you do what you can, mentally and physically to be a part of it. Earn your right to be here by chopping wood, helping with dishes or building a fire. Enjoy the ranges, the walks, the quiet and the people. Fellow vets and volunteers are all here to help each other – if you go all in, you will understand what this camp can do for you and how you can help other veterans. It’s very hard to find the words of how I feel here. You just have to experience it!”
  –Captain (r) Marshall D. MSC

“I’m not one for writing much, but for Divide Camp, Julie and all the volunteers, I can’t thank you enough for letting me come and build some sweat equity in something for myself and other veterans. I normally cover everything with a smile and laughter that is fake just to make everyone else feel better and not worry about me. But up here – my smiles and laughter actually became real again!!! Thank you.”
  –Aaron M.

“As I sit here on the front porch of the main cabin/lodge, and think of this week spent here and on the river, the term WOW is my first expression. This camp started as a man’s dream to bring people together for the wonderful hunting adventures and back country wilderness experiences. Now it continues on by this man’s daughter who is providing adventure and healing for veterans. The people I have met at this camp are inspiring and so giving of their time and heart. Divide Camp – thank you for all that you have given. You have made a difference!”
  –David A, USAF Pararescueman

“Divide Camp really made a strong impact on my life! Corey invited me to partake in a week-long trip of fly fishing and time at this camp. I accepted and am so grateful I did! I was medically discharged a month ago and have been going through a tough transition understanding the next chapter in my life after 9 years. I had a breakdown with all the stress I had bagged up. I came on this trip and it was like a free counseling session to reboot and start fresh! This crew are so kind, accepting and understanding. We did a bunch, three day fly fishing on the river, tram up the mountain, a local ranch rodeo, and the best part, just getting away from society and technology. I am very grateful for all the hospitality & friendship gained. Divide Camp is a wonderful organization and I plan to partake in future visits!!!”
  –Steven V.

“This writing week at Divide Camp has been transformational in so many ways! The landscape has lent itself to a peace that has created a wonderful space for reflection. The talks on the porch, the hikes, and our shared meals have been full of story telling that is sustaining for the soul. Camp, and the friendships I have made here, will be with me as I journey. I am so thankful for this place.”
  –Jessica L. Writing Workshop Instructor

“I just finished up a week at Divide Camp participating in the first Women’s Veteran writing workshop. Amazing!

I arrived here on Sunday with so much excitement and hope as I desperately needed a reprieve and fresh natural environment to explore a way out of my hopelessness. Well, I was not disappointed. Divide Camp has offered me so much this past week. I met an amazing group of women with whom I felt safe enough to share some of my demons and struggles. Jessica, our writing coach for the week was such a blessing. Her amazing structure and prompting brought out writing ability I didn’t know I had! I also enjoyed listening to others read their writings.

Overall, the experience has been much more than I could have hoped for. The camp itself lends a therapeutic space for one to explore. I pray Divide Camp continues to inspire, motivate and offer hope to other struggling veterans. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

I leave here with a new focus and much hope!”
  –Christine G. US Army MP

“Thank you, Julie and crew for making this trip a great experience. It was great talking to other vets. They gave me great advice and I shared a thing or two. I’m a senior NCO in the military, I think this program will expload. It is a great getaway and experience. I love the mountains and I love the peace. No T.V., or city life was wonderful. The wildlife is amazing and the overall scenery calmed every nerve in my body down. I definitely needed this. Thank you to our wonderful cooks – nothing like having a hot meal after a long cold hunt. Barb and Tif, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If there is anything I can do to help – please call on me.”
  –SFC Ramiro F

“Thank you all for everything you do! I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. This was a great experience I’ll never forget. To julie I hold great appreciation for your devotion to help veterans like myself remember how to enjoy the lodge, the hunting, the food. The things you do make my sacrifice to our country worth it to protect the very freedoms such as this! To the cooks – WELL DONE! God Bless you All.”
  –Trevor P.

“This will be a short entry cause I’m on my way out, but I could fill this book with the memories I’ve made. From finding a complete set of 300 class bull sheds, to chasing a 300 class bull on the mountain! I would like to say THANK YOU to this crew. You guys made this a trip I will not soon forget. Divide Camp has a good mission and with people like you four, it will thrive. Die with memories, not dreams! ”
  –Sgt Thomas W.

“Heading home after backpacking – miss my family, but can’t wait to come back. I feel very comfortable here with Julie and her crew. She’s very “motherly” – this was an amazing time! Thank you!”
  –Cliff C “doc”

“This was my first “veteran trip” I have been able to get out with my family a few times camping and such, but this was really the first time I was able to really get away and clear my head. Getting the chance to fly fish for the first time and spend 3 days on the Grande Ronde River is something I’ll never forget! I also loved spending some time at the camp. I hope to come back at some point. I would love to be a part of making this a place veterans love to come to and help them work through their own stuff. Divide Camp is an amazing experience.”
  –Bobby K. from Texas

“I LOVE THIS PLACE! Divide Camp is great! I am very blessed to be apart of it. I can’t wait to watch this place grow and hear the stories of future campers! ”
  –Anonymous vet guest

“So, from Mexican Cheese-Cake, French toast and elk stew – to slinging arrows…I had an amazing time at camp. Although we went 0-0 on elk – I still have amazing memories. Thanks Divide Camp for all you do for us veterans!!! ”
  –Vincent R.

“ Great times and fond memories were made here on the Divide! A big thanks to Corey for giving me and Vince this opportunity to come out to Divide Camp and experience everything this organization has to offer. Although we never got into the elk, we had a hell of a time enjoying the outdoors and being enamored by amazing views! Divide Camp is definitely not a therapeutic release from the world – it’s a therapeutic connection TO our world! ”
  –Nate P.

“Julie and everyone at Divide Camp – thank you a million for opening your hearts and minds and for everything you do for veterans!!! You are a true blessing, a true patriot and angel! Thank you – .”
  –MSG (r) Tim L

“What an amazing place to hang out for a few days! Everyone associated with Divide Camp is just incredible for putting something together like this! Corey has really helped me while I was here – hope to come back soon. And Oregon is NOT full of HIPPIES!”
  –Daniel R – USMC

“Wandering around in the Eagle Caps, I couldn’t think of a better place to heal my mind and challenge my body to do things I never thought I could do again! Thank you, Divide Camp for helping me on my journey to find myself after I was so lost! Refuse to be broken,”
  –Derick M.

“What a blast! I can’t say enough for the over-the-top hospitality. Julie is such a wonderful lady – she made me feel right at home, even though I traveled over 500 miles to visit here. Spectacular views, great hunting, awesome grub. Can’t say enough that would bring this place justice. Thanks – you have no idea what this week has done for me!!!”
  –Ryan S. US Air Force

“What an amazing place doing wonderful things. Thank you for this awesome weekend away from the daily grind. I really didn’t know what to expect for this archery shoot, but there is very little I think could have been done any better! ”
  –Fred H.

“ I have long searched for something to quiet my brain. I’ve tried alcohol and pot but found this to only numb the pain. I’ve taken massive amounts of prescriptions from the military and VA and still my brain will not give in. I’ve lived in the darkest places of my mind for too long and have lived in fear, unable to try new things or meet new people. When I heard of Divide Camp I wanted to check it out but could never get out of box until my wife contact Corey and began a dialogue. For the whole 8 hour drive my brain would not be calm. I worried and worried about what might happen during this hike, doubting if I could physically do it – if my brain could handle it. Well, turns out I stressed out for no reason! Divide Camp is a very special place to me. It gave back my confidence in myself. It showed me that there was still light at the end of this tunnel of darkness I had been living in.

Julie, I can’t express how much you and your outfit mean to me. I have met some really great people that I can now call my friends. They taught me life lessons, names of wildflowers and berries. Different types of trees and animals. I learned the real meaning of fly fishing and caught my first trout. I learned how to be a human again! To disconnect from the material world and just be in a primal state. That is all we really are or need in this world – the rest seems unnecessary stress to me. I miss my wife but I dread going back to the city as I fear the peace I have found on these mountains will fade as the chaos of the city returns. I do know now how to quiet the brain. Get outside and be with nature!!! Use your senses and experience the moment. Observe, don’t just sleep-walk through life. It’s all about the journey – no need to rush. These are all great coping skills and I hope you will have me back in the future. I already crave another trip through the wilderness. You’d done an amazing thing here at Divide Camp. You are going to save many lives and for that I commend you. I will go back to the VA doctor who told me this trip would be bad for me and tell her the truth of what really goes on here. Julie and Jim – you are both wonderful mentors and I thank you for showing me the light. I will do whatever I can to support this cause. Please reach out to me at any time in the future. I want to give back and start helping others again. I close this with tears in my eyes, good tears, as I will forever remember my time here and the love you show. You guys are part of my family now and I will do anything for family. God Bless you and Divide Camp. Bring them all home, ”
  – Respectfully, Jeremy F. US Navy Medic

“ What can be said about Divide Camp that hasn’t already been said. Julie is an absolute God-send. With a warm welcoming make yourself at home, attitude and the dogs are great. Best sleep I have had in many years! Awesome hunting. Yeah, I took my elk at 468 yards – bragging rights for a hot minute… All in all I had the time of my life! You may have lost your way – but you will find peace and tranquility here at Divide Camp – Embrace it and enjoy!!!”
  – Paul D. US Army Infantry, Retired

“ A simple THANK YOU is not enough. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity that Divide Camp has given me. I felt so welcome. The peace and solace that Divide Camp has given me over the past few days is second to none. I feel re-energized and centered. My guide, Andy, Great Guy! And all I can say “Damn, that was awesome and thank you” Divide Camp gave me my first opportunity at an elk and I got it!!!! Memories for a lifetime. I hope I can get the chance to come back to this beautiful and mesmerizing place. Thank you!”
  – Ray G. US Army Infantry, Ret.

“ Just got back from the Hells Canyon rafting trip. All I can say is……………….. I’m speechless. That is probably the most beautiful and terrifying country I have ever been in. The magnitude of the challenges those people faced who were settling that canyon – is mind boggling! Every time I come to Divide Camp I am awestruck at how beautiful and rugged it is up here. It feels to me anyway – like the last vestiges of the wild frontier. Divide Camp and this part of the world will always hold a piece of me till I can return! ”
  – Cliff C. US Army Combat Medic

“ I was able to get out of my “comfort zone” of suburban life even better I was able to get another step out of the rut that combat and ptsd dug me into. I am admittedly lazy when it comes to working around my house. A lot of projects have piled up there, so I knew that it was going to be a challenge to come up for working the grounds prior to the Wellness Retreat. It was such a nice change of pace to work like that again. The best was realizing again that, the work can be done if I put in the effort. I want to keep this sense of accomplishment, I want to attack some projects at home, just like we did here. Divide Camp is a working party I will run to rather than run away from! The Wellness Retreat was very informative and I will keep what I learned in mind while at the gym. Thank you so much to all that helped make this happen. All of the food was delicious!!!”
  – Li H. USMC

“This is my third trip to camp so far. I have never been to a place that allows me to feel at ease like Divide Camp does. From the first week that my unit and I stepped foot in Iraq, this feeling has escaped me. In the beginning I used to try and look for this feeling so I could feel “normal”. Eventually I gave up and just accepted who I was. Divide Camp has shown me that there is a place where I can start to become who I want to be and where new friendships can be created in place of those that the inner demons have taken from each of us. Divide Camp is an amazing place. The people, volunteers and programs are inspiring. I am excited to see what Divide Camp will accomplish next and to become a part of this organization. ”
  – Michael H. Sgt USMC ®

“Thank you Divide Camp Health and Wellness of 2019. This experience has been very rewarding. From the outdoor retreat of Wallowa Mountain air to the generous hospitality from a very professional staff. Wonderful facilities, unbelievable food and great classes of living a healthy lifestyle. Most of all the spirit of Divide Camp lifting the esprit décor amongst this fraternity of warriors…I must return! ”
  – SSGT Shawn P. USMC retired

“Another healing experience at Divide Camp. Came up for the 2nd annual archery shoot. Nature and fellow vets to relate to is just what the soul needs. Grateful for the hoyt bow I received, it will provide many years of therapy and recreation. New Friends made. Stories shared. Very thankful for the opportunity. ”
  – Brett W. USMC

“A few days of sanity.”
  – Will S. USMC

“ I’m so glad I came across Divide Camp at the Tacoma Sportsman’s Show. This is an awesome place to disconnect from the “real” world. It is relaxing and peaceful. The archery event was fun and challenging. A great event with great people. It is always a pleasure to get together with my brothers and sisters in Arms. I look forward to getting together with them again.”
  – Sgt M Tim B. Army “once a soldier, always a soldier”

“I would love to say thank you to Divide Camp and Julie for this amazing time. Being able to disconnect from the world and enjoy the beautiful country that has been given to us has been a blessing. Enjoying great company on an amazing hike and fly fishing trip has given me a chance to breathe the fresh air and reset. I look forward to being a part of a wonderful family like this one. Thank you again for everything that you have done for everyone! ”
  – Sgt (ret) Brian K.

“ First - I would like to thank Julie from the bottom of my heart! This was one of the best vet outings that I have been part of. There were ups and downs with mental thoughts out on the hike, but it really helped to clear my head and get my heart right again. I really needed this to get back on track with some of my personal goals in life. Second – Thanks to Kaare and his awesome team of goats that helped us on our hike. Those goats were really fun to watch work and play. Without them the hike would have been much more difficult to handle. Last – thanks to Brian and Ron for being great people and a joy on the trip and fishing. Couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to hang out with the a week on the mountain tops. If you ever get a chance to go to Aneroid Lake - look up Dennis and take the time to listen to his stories. What a great guy.”
  –Thanks again, SGT Chris C.

“ Purely, magnificent, enjoyable trip – Brian and Chris, the two vets on the wilderness trip were great and welcoming the old guy, a Vietnam Vet. The guide, Kaare, and his goats added a lot to the trip. They all have their own personalities. A very peaceful week in paradise!”
  – S/Sgt Ron A. USMC

“Camp has had such an amazing impact on my life, and truly probably saved it. The staff have huge hearts, open ears and always kind but honest advice, something I still cherish and call upon to this day. After leaving Divide Camp I knew I had to be a part of this. If I could no longer serve WITH my brothers, then I would do what I could to serve them. Not long after my stay I was invited to serve on the Board of Directors. I have attended camp over the past two years and will be there again as soon as the weather allows. I don’t go to camp as a Board Member, I still go as a veteran who needs help and that is what Divide Camp is all about. There isn’t a pill or doctor in this world that can give a veteran what they can find in the woods, on the water or with the people at camp. It is honestly hard to put into words, but if I had to try and explain what it does, not only for me but for other veterans I have seen and met at camp, it gives you hope, and restores life and happiness in the dark spots of our souls and minds created from the terrors of combat and loss.”
  –Sgt. Tyler Andreatta, USMC retired

“I gave up hope that I would ever see Tyler’s true smile again… the one that delighted those around him. After Divide Camp he had that grin I remembered!!! It still comes and goes but I see the real “him” when I look in his eyes. After his stay at Divide Camp he was open and eager to share his thoughts, fears, dreams, and plans to create meaning and purpose in his life and to help other vets. This again… all thanks to DC and the blessings they provide. After DC, I saw for the first time since his return that he began acknowledging his moods and working through them without feeling horrible about himself. Thank you Lord for Divide Camp and all the volunteers… prayers are being answered through this healing retreat!!!”
   –Sheila Andreatta (Tyler's mom)

My dad and I went to Divide Camp last summer following an amazing float trip on the Salmon River provided by DC. When we arrived, I immediately felt like I was at home! One would be hard pressed to find a place that could beat the peacefulness and serenity around that place! I'm an outdoor enthusiast, whether its fishing, hunting, or just going on a hike, I'm all about it. At Divide Camp you can experience nature and be comfortable at the same time! For a veteran that suffers from moderate to severe anxiety, it was a complete relief for me! Sitting around the fire talking with others, just gazing at the stars, not hearing anything besides the popping of the fire, allows you to really just relax and let the stress of life slip away. The feel you get when you're there is like none other for me, It's a feeling of relaxation and healing. It means a lot to me to know that all the effort, donations, volunteer work, and the commitment that all members of the Divide family put in, is for veterans like me! If I had to sum up Divide Camp in to one word, the word would be “Home”.
   –Sgt. Thomas A. Walton, USMC Retired

So let me tell you how coming to camp has changed me. I received a call from Julie asking if I wanted to come to camp and just hang out. There was going to be a luncheon that she wanted me to attend to talk to land owners to try and get elk tags for next year. I was excited to just get out of the house as I had not ventured out to far by myself. So after a long drive I get to camp and they are working on many projects around the property. I was immediately teamed up with Jim Webber to put the roof on the new pavilion. It made me realize that I still have value as a person and not just a couch potato. To say I left that beautiful place recharged is a understatement. I have started working hard to spread the word about divide camp and to reach out to fellow wounded warriors. I feel like I have found my calling in helping fellow vets that have sacrificed like myself. I feel like I have purpose. I want to thank everyone involved in making divide camp happen. I also want you all to know that this camp will most likely save lives of some of the vets that feel they have no hope. Divide Camp gives hope to the hopeless. The beauty of the land and all the nature around will take the stress of going to counseling appointments and doctor’s appointments away while you are there. It is an amazing thing. If you are hesitating on filling out an application don't. Get in with this group of loving people that appreciate your sacrifice.
   –Corey Watson, Army/USMC retired